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What is it like living in Medellin?

Tucked into the Aburra’s valley and surrounded by mountains is Medellin, the city of the eternal spring and Colombia’s second-largest city, has just gone from a rating of 6.57 to 7.13 points in the Regional Tourism Competitiveness Index and ranks second among the capital cities of the country after Bogotá. But how is it like living in this city?


Medellin has most definitely overcome its doldrums. Previously known as Pablo Escobar’s city, the city of the Eternal Spring has morphed from a backpacker paradise into a city renowned for its innovation and state-of-the-art urban planning, accented with green parks, flowers that are always in bloom, and countless birds in brilliant colours.



Retirees from all over the world and a growing percentage of workers who find meaning in being able to work remotely are finding in Medellín a city to live an outdoor-based way of life Although it used to be an off-the-beaten-track destination to settle down, the active lifestyle with almost-perfect weather, affordable health system, fair-value real estate, and a lower cost of living than many cities in any first world country, have more than lured in people from all over the world.



Medellín has something for everyone. Golf courses, fitness clubs, hiking trails, and football pitches are all available to help keep you fit. For instance, the renown Ciclovias is a rather good option to keep yourself fit, all the while you have a chance to meet not only locals, but foreigners which are in the same path as you (no pun intended).



Darkness falls at around 6 p.m. every evening in Medellín, all year round. That will get your circadian rhythms back on track if you’re from a 4-seasons hometown. Weatherwise speaking, Medellin is actually quite particular; with an annual precipitation even higher than London’s, our city is as beautiful as it is rainy. The majority of its territory falls under the rainforest climate (AF), meaning that it rains enough each month of the year to call them the wet seasons.



Violence’s days are a thing of the past in Medellin and petty theft is your only real concern. To have a safe life in our streets, just avoid wearing anything that makes you stand out (and we’re not talking about jewellery). Your flip flops, your shorts and, especially, your extra red tan are all signs of a novice traveller with probably a lot of cash in their pockets (and pickpockets know that). Just keep your belongings secured at all times and do as a popular Colombian saying goes: “No dar papaya”.



Actually, for us to be able to talk about our food plenty enough, we need to write another blog. Just be sure to keep your eyes open at every metro station, intersection and corner of our city, as there are always installations of local vendors selling tasty-fruits and all manner meat-filled treats.

Have you been to Medellin? Tell us what your opinion is or what experiences you have had with Medelln’s lifestyle and real estate, we hope hearing from you!


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