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Miami vs Medellin…?

Medellin gives you a unique outdoor experience with its lush greenery, countless excellent #restaurants and #coffeshops to enjoy. #Miami, on the other hand, has a lifestyle which is one of its most attractive features; from opulent lounges to tropical bars. Now, if we compare each other, which one takes the cake? Here are some comparable features so you can decide for yourself.


The City of “Eternal Spring” has a name that speaks for itself. With a humidity rate 16% smaller than Miami’s (68% vs 84%) and an average temperature lower by 4.2°C (17.9°C vs 22.1°C), Medellin might be seen as the one coming out with the victory here. However, as Medellin is based in a valley, with mountains all around, the burning gasoline and diesel fuel from vehicle fleets creates harmful byproducts like nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, among others, that remain trapped in our atmosphere. Fortunately though, up in the hills in #ElPoblado, #Envigado, and #Sabaneta, the pollutant levels tend to be lower than those to be found in the city centre.


Cost of Living:

Medellin’s cost of living is 76% less expensive than Miami’s. Medellin ranked 7,151st ($648 USD) in the list of the most expensive #cities in the world, while Miami ranked 71st ($2,729 USD) and ranked 59th in the United States ranking list.

The average after-tax salary is enough to cover your living expenses for up to 0.6 months in Medellin compared to 1.6 months of living expenses in Miami. Medellin ranked 2nd best city to live in Colombia vs Miami ranked 18th in the United States, while ranked 5504th and 102nd among best cities to live in the world.



Like all other major cities around the globe, Medellin and Miami have extensive networks of public buses, so going from point A to B will always be an available option. But how affordable can it be? Let’s see:



When it comes to #food #budgeting for you or for your whole family, meeting your #grocery needs while finding low prices on high quality products, it can make anyone’s head spin, whether it’s in Medellin or Miami. Here are some relevant product prices.


Real Estate:

Finally, from a real estate standpoint, which one is more budget-friendly? Whether it's for living on rent or just buying the place. Here are some relevant numbers to consider:

The Miami #housingmarket is ranked as one of the best #realestate markets in the U.S. and one of the best in the world. However, properties are selling fast, thanks to an all-time-low mortgage rates. This means demand is high, stock is low, and home prices are starting to increase - so now could be a good time to start house hunting in Miami!

The comparable features are now on the table, we’ll leave it up to you. Have you been to either of them? Tell us what your opinion is or what experiences you have had with Medelln’s and Miami’s lifestyle and real estate, we hope hearing from you!


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