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How much do apartments cost in Medellin?

Low cost of living in one of the most enriching cities in #Colombia and South America, is an attribute that the city of the Eternal Spring have used broadly to allure #expats, #backpackers, and #retirees from all over the world in order for them to be able to call a bit of #Medellin as “home”

Two main neighbourhoods or Barrios as we call them stand out: #Laureles and #ElPoblado.

Laureles has a reputation among foreigners as the more authentic one, in comparison to #ElPoblado, which is where the majority of #foreigners live. A more easy going #atmosphere is to be experienced, but all the while you have everything you need for a day-to-day living at a couple of minutes walk. #Laureles will show you why Colombia’s second-largest city is at the forefront of the country’s coffee shops and restaurants scene. Not nearly as crowded and tourist - demanded as El Poblado, these neighbourhood’s real estate prices will range from $4.000.000 - $5.000.000 COP per m2.

Geographically, the physical areas of Laureles are made of #plains that expand in all directions, meaning your morning walks would be easier for you than it is for your living in El Poblado - counterparts. As the neighbourhood was originally populated by two-story houses, a high-rise apartment will give you landscapes you can flood your Instagram with. Unfortunately, as the #neighbourhood is being #renovated, and old #houses are being #sold on a daily basis for new structures to be built upon, do your research to check that, in the near future, no higher #building won't get in the way of your #floor and your balcony view.

El #Poblado, on the other hand, is by far the most popular area to stay for, either a couple of weeks or as long as you want it on a whim. No wonder the vast majority of hostels and hotels are also located here. You can expect to pay higher prices for just about everything in #ElPoblado, including #RealEstate, which ranges from $6.000.000 all the way to $9.000.000 COP per m2.

Geographically, the physical areas of El Poblado are made of hills that will guarantee you views of the city and the breathtaking mountains (as long as your floor is high enough). Prepare for the next coctel: A vibrant, busy area with some cracking #restaurants and #bars all around, adorned with a rather fair share of greenery and #architecture overflowed with nature, terracotta bricks and warm lights, that’s what you’ll come across in one of the best kept secrets in #Latinoamérica.


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